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Afghan Star - Music

We are very pleased to announce that the Afghan Star soundtrack is now available in Europe and the US.

Afghanistan has a long and wonderful history of music and poetry but this is the first collection of modern Afghan music ever to be released internationally. During the recent years of war and Taliban repression many musicians and singers were exiled and many recordings destroyed. Finding good quality masters of popular Afghan music from the 1970s and '80s was a long and difficult process – some were only recently discovered in the rescued archives of Kabul.

Music has come to symbolize freedom for Afghanistan and a number of courageous people are struggling to reestablish the music industry there. By including their contemporary tracks we hope to support this vital work. On this soundtrack to the film Afghan Star we have included tracks by Afghans living as refugees in other parts of the world: Pakistan, Germany, USA. While there are clearly external musical influences, we believe that all the tracks reflect the spirit and beauty of the Afghan musical tradition.

Singers include: Amhad Zahir, Jawid Sharif, Setara, Naghma, Wajiha, Nazir Khora & Arash Howaida. The album also includes two specially composed tracks by Simon Russell. Released by Silva Screen Music.


Available to download digitally (I-Tunes $9.99) and as a CD from Amazon or local record shops (rrp $16).

UK & Europe:

Download from I-Tunes at £7.99, while a physical release (CD) is happening on 16th November.

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